Five Things I Just Learned My iPhone Could Do

I could write a new version of this post every day. I’m constantly finding new ways to streamline things. Well, until a new iOS update struts in, threatening my sanity. Today, I’m passing along this iPhone trick-or-treat. If you already knew all five of these, catch your reward on the way out.

Find all photos exchanged on a message thread:
In the top right corner of a message thread, click “details.” Scroll down. Click on a photo. You can save using the box/arrow button in the bottom left or you can speed-browse them all using the list button in the bottom right.


Mute notifications on a thread:
In the top right corner of a message thread, click “details.” Turn on “do not disturb” to pause receiving notifications in a message thread. Particularly handy when everyone’s chatting about last night’s episode and you’re running a meeting. 


Toggle between apps without using the home button:
Open Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Scroll down to “AssistiveTouch” and turn on. Select “Customize Top Level Menu.” Tap any icon you don’t want to use. I added “multitasking” so I could switch between apps without all the double-clicking. I turn this on if I’m laying in bed using my phone to write, but I’m switching between apps, writing tools and my browser. My husband is grateful. No more “clickety-click.” (When AssistiveTouch is on, a black square with a white circle will appear and touching it opens up the icons you’ve selected.) To turn on AssistiveTouch without going into Settings, just triple-click on the home button to toggle it on/off.



Make the top half of my phone one-hand reachable:
Double-tap (not click) on the home button. This brings the screen down halfway so you can use your phone-holding hand to retrieve things previously not reachable. What?! Mind blown. 


Search within a webpage:
I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while. I don’t know how I missed it! In the address bar at the top of a page in Safari, start typing the word/phrase you want to search for and three options appear: Google Search, Bookmarks/History, and On This Page. Clicking the options under “On This Page” bring up all the matches, just like CTRL+F would on your computer. Wah-lah!


If you already knew all five of these, then *slow clap* for you. Way to be awesome. In an upcoming post, I’ll show you how I put #1 to work.

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