Anna Doesn’t Love Halloween

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Anna Doesn’t Love Halloween
By Amy Leskowski
200 words

Anna’s teeth chatter. Sleeveless, she shivers.
Can’t Halloween be in June?
Anna’s breaths hurry. Anxious, she quivers.
Did tonight have to be a full moon?

Anna’s eyes focus. Darkness surrounds.
Why’s trick-or-treat not at noon?
Anna’s ears perk—a woooo-ooo resounds.
Why not a welcoming tune?

Anna’s heart skips. Startled, she jumps.
No ghosts. Only teens under sheets.
Anna’s arms ache. Weighted, she slumps.
Can’t someone help carry these treats?

Anna’s nose wrinkles at pumpkin pulp splattered.
That smell overpowers the sweets!
Anna’s lips pout. Her friends must have scattered.
Haven’t we been down those streets?

Anna’s legs wobble. Exhausted, she stumbles
on an inflatable grave.
Anna’s gut tightens, lightens, then rumbles.
One piece will leave plenty to save.

Anna’s tongue twists. Ptooey! Blegh! Ick!
Why’d I not sample my fave?
Anna’s mind races. “Wh-what’s that?” Oh, a stick.
C’mon, Anna, try to be brave.

Anna’s skin prickles. The creepiest house!
Why must they flicker that light?
Anna’s feet quicken—fast as a mouse.
That skeleton’s triple my height!

Anna’s voice falters. “Jack? Trevor? Syd?”
But I didn’t let them out of my sight!
Anna’s heart leaps with a hug from each kid.
They’re worth every bit of this night.


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26 thoughts on “Anna Doesn’t Love Halloween

  1. LOVE the story, and the twist ending! You really captures all the spooky senses of Halloween!

  2. So cute, Amy! Glad Anna had a wonderful time. I used to be scared of Halloween too. This brings back memories. Great writing, Amy ❤️👏🏼❤️👏🏼❤️👏🏼❤️🎃

  3. Great story, Amy! You captured the spirit of Halloween very well. I used to be scared and wished it was during the daytime haha… Loved your story, Amy 👏🏼❤️🎃

  4. What a fun story! I’d love to see the pictures you’d come up with to illustrate this. Super creepy! Well done!

  5. I love it, Amy! Great job!

  6. I remember being scared of a lot of Halloween stuff when I was a kid, which is actually part of why I never trick or treated. I’m glad Anna faced her fears and got the candy anyway.

    1. Thank you! I always find it creepy!!! I was trying to twist the story here and reveal at the end that Anna is the mom, not the child, but I’m not sure it effectively did that for all 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Such a creative poem!! Great job!

  8. Amy! This is so great! I love the language, the imagery and the twist ending! So clever!

  9. Amy, I really like how you used the different features and the way each reacted to the experience of Halloween. And you did a great job with the rhyme and rhythm! Good luck!

  10. And Anna has to do this over and over until her kids are no longer into spooky season. Poor Anna! Good luck, Amy. Very well written!

  11. I am Anna. I do not like Halloween. I am still scared.

    1. Same, girl, same! Literally hiding in my room during a segment of a TV show’s halloween episode–I can’t handle b/c it is FREAKING ME OUT.

  12. Amy, I loved this story the first time I read it, and I still love it! So clever and such a great surprise ending! 😀

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