If You Give a Mom a Blog

If you give a mom a blog, she’s going to ask for some time to write.


When you give her time to write, she will probably think about what has been and what is coming.

When she thinks about what is coming, she will remember she has four days of meetings, so she will want to prep her lunches for the week.


When she starts to prep lunches, she’ll realize the pans are dirty and she needs to wash them.


When she washes the pans, she’ll probably notice all the towels need to be laundered.


When she goes to the basement to do laundry, she might discover the Legos have been dumped out.


While she considers cleaning up the Legos, she will step on some and sit down to massage her injured foot.

When she nurses her foot, she will probably notice her toenails have been neglected and deserve some TLC.


When she goes upstairs to pedicure her feet, she will see a light on. She will investigate, finding very awake kiddos.

The kiddos will ask for a snack.


When she gets them a snack, she will think about how entertaining this parenthood thing is, which reminds her of her blog. Thinking of her blog reminds her that she was writing a post, so, she will sit back down to write.

When she sits down to write, she will hear a strange noise and she will smell something odd.

When she looks around for the source of the noise and smell, she will remember she started prepping her week of lunches and see that now her food is burning.


When she tries to recover the overdone fare, she will notice a lack of counter space and will start to clear it off.


When she starts cleaning off the counter, she will catch the clock on the stove and realize it’s very late and time for bed.

When she gets ready for bed, she will think back about what has been and what is to come. And chances are, if she thinks about what has been and what is to come, she’ll probably want to write on her blog.


by #bittyblogger

5 thoughts on “If You Give a Mom a Blog

  1. Awesome! I caught the bag of farro! Write the book! When You Give A Mom A Brain! All about how you think and respond and the fun and snark that comes from it. Love how you think. Love you!

    1. You caught it!! I will be enjoying your farro salad all week ? Hahahaha when you give a mom a brain. Awesome! Let’s co-write it for the more full picture

  2. Oh Amy… you make me chuckle… A LOT!!! Problem is, I can usually relate to almost all that you write. Even though I no longer have little people living in my home, I’m still very ADD (we weren’t diagnosed “back then” but I’m pretty sure I have it!!!). I start to do one thing… which reminds me of another thing… which reminds me of still another thing… and I’m bouncing all over the place but accomplishing very little… and very rarely getting the first thing done!!! Keep writing… you have a gift to share! Even though I have yet to see you, it’s so good to know the Leskowski family is back HOME.

    1. Aww Sue! Thank you so much for your encouragement. It means so much!! It’s good to know I’m not alone in my ADD-ness. Can’t wait to see you and Denny. It’s been a crazy time of year to be moving back!!

  3. Laughed all the way through! SO true! Was a little like I have been, unpacking the boxes from our move…going from room to room and eventually forgetting what I came to do and doing another! That’s also called AGE! Not just young children! Love ya!

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