It is Day: Mom Appreciation Week

The day came. But, of course, we nearly missed it because May is not only the month of spring and hope and growth and celebration…but also of transition and reality and scrambling and dread; it’s the month of wrapping it all up and preparing for educators to pass back our children smarter, better, and pockets-full-of-Treasure-Box-trinkets.

While May was off and running, Mother’s Day snuck up on us.

Mother’s Day: when Moms look forward to being doted on by the ones they raised. And a day where the same Moms equally panic about doting on all the other women in their life, they, too, need and want to honor. #Mom #MotherinLaw #Grandma #GreatGrandma #GrandmaInLaw #FriendsWhoAreMothers #DaughtersWhoAreMothers #FriendsWhoAreMothersInANonTraditionalSense 

So it’s wonderful and holidaystressful all wrapped up with a bow.

A day is fine and good, but wouldn’t a week be even more amazing? All the other big holidays have stretched beyond their appointed 24-hours. Mother’s Day? Try Mother’s Week.

Monday – “You Be the Kid Day” 

Take a nap.
Get yelled at to read more.
Have someone else drive you places and prepare your meals.
Eat those meals sitting down.
Run around with your friends for a half hour after lunch. Every day.
Choose from biking, baseball practice, and playing Legos while someone makes you dinner.
Drop your wrappers on the floor. (Don’t worry, someone will clean them up.)
Get carried up to bed when you (pretend to) fall asleep on the way home.
Soak in the bath for as long as you want.
Sit in time-out for as long as it takes.
Spend a good chunk of the day learning helpful, interesting skills and facts under the tutelage of someone whose joy is to educate you.
Walk in the door, complain about your problems, and depend on someone to make it better with popsicles.
Watch someone throw your half-eaten lunch in the trash, then get hangry, and insist on eating fruit snacks and Rice Krispie treats while you wait for dinner to be ready.
Once dinner is ready, complain that you are full, that your tummy aches, and that all you have the energy for is “screen time.”

Tuesday – “Choose Your Own Adventure Day”

What stuff do they need today? Throw whatever you want in the backpack.
If the homework folder is complete and in sight, then it’s a homework turn-in day. If not, don’t worry, it’s not homework turn-in day.
If the library books are finished and not AWOL, then it’s a library day. If not, don’t worry, it’s not library day.
If the gym shoes are both by the door and are dry, then it’s a PE day. If not, don’t worry, it’s not PE day.
If your children come down fully dressed in hole-less shirts/pants/dresses with 11 hours of sleep behind them, cheery smiles on their faces and no bedhead, then it is picture day. If not, don’t worry, it is not picture day.
If you’ve been to the bank and have cash on hand or can find the checkbook, then money is due for some field trip, gift, fundraiser, charity or lunch. If not, don’t worry, no money is due today.
If you are staring at a beautiful poster and project, then the science fair is today. If not, don’t worry, the science fair is not today.
If you’re running on time, even early, send the kids out – the bus hasn’t arrived yet. If not, don’t worry, it’s “show up whenever works for your family” day.

Wednesday – “Groundhog Day meets Daylight Savings Time Day”

Today is a day full of those “extra hours” you have lost along the way. Every time the clock attempts to roll over from 2:59 to 3:00, it will jump back to 2:00. Every hour, you gain an hour. You’ve met Spring Forward and Fall Back, well this is Keep Going. Whatever you are doing, just keep doing it. It’s not pickup time yet. It’s not even time to prep a meal. It’s just eternally 2 pm.

Thursday – “Career Day”

Don’t worry, no costumes or presentations required. Today is the day to be recognized for all of the non-paying part- (or full-) time jobs you hold down, aside from any paying part- (or full-) time jobs you hold down, all while being a momyour job as an unpaid on-call nurse, nutritionist, chef, baker, event-planner, financial planner, dental assistant, librarian, mediator, counselor, taxi driver, stylist, groomer, laundry-ist (does this have a more official sounding title?), waitress, dish-washer, janitor, nanny, lawyer, reporter, activities coordinator, coach, hotel manager, safety officer, repairwoman, deliverywoman and logistician. Of course, there are more, but each comes with its own award ceremony and after party, and today is, after all, only one day.

Friday – “Just Wear Clothes Day”

On this day, you are released from any responsibility, guilt, or pleasure of dressing your child up. 

It is not safari day, international day, dino day, pirate day, 100th day, yellow day, character day, wacky hair day, spirit day, wacky Wednesday, college day, St. Patrick’s Day, pajama day, when I grow up day, tattoo day, mustache day, dress-like-your-favorite-sight-word day, dapper day, patriotic day, hat day, superhero day, class shirt day, school shirt day, decade day, throwback day, crazy sock day, inside out day, neon day, renaissance day, beach day, rockstar day, space day or history day. 

It is Day.

It is dress in something that is not in the laundry, not in the costume box, does not require a trip to the store, does not require creativity nor any member of the family to stay up late the night before. It’s just get dressed day. Tears and photo ops need not apply.

May this week make you feel appreciated and prepared for the other 51 weeks when you hold down the fort.

5 thoughts on “It is Day: Mom Appreciation Week

  1. Oh my gosh! This is hysterical! You’ve never mentioned that you blog! The humor is over the top! You’ve nailed SO many things with this. I LOVE IT! Insights with a quirky twist–that’s you my friend. Incredibly well done.

    1. ha! we will talk. 😉 thanks for your encouragement… specific, trustworthy and genuine!!

  2. When are you going to publish this? And a dozen others? Send this to Cyle! He needs to see the breadth of your talent! TODAY!

    1. I don’t know where to publish this! I need to figure out submission processes for stuff like this. I don’t think cyle wants stuff unless it’s book-worthy and I would need more for a book lol! I need direction…

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