I’d moved a few states away – not across the world. I hadn’t expected to lose access to such a staple as name-brand pretzels. This was unexpected and unacceptable.

I tried every grocer for miles. Used the store locator on the Rold Gold website. Called the 800 number on the bag.

It was a wild goose chase all over town. Visiting stores I was promised carried my craved-for rods. Coming up empty every time.

I sampled every other brand of the salty, gluten rods. None compared. None came even close. Most foods can handle a generic substitute. But, not these. 

When family visited, they loaded months’ worth in their luggage for me. 

And then came the day I discovered them on Target.com with free site-to-store shipping.

I placed the order at midnight and almost immediately, received notification my package was ready for pickup when the store opened the next morning. 

The next morning! It was already there. 

This would be the same store whose shelves I had searched for weeks upon weeks.


Either, they knew I was ordering these before I did, or they already carried the product…just only in the stock room.

I wasn’t going to complain, but what in the world made sense about this?! Why stock an item no one knows they can buy? 

I can’t claim to know Target’s business model when it comes to harboring [the only tasty brand of] pretzel rods. I’m sure there is a rhyme and reason. 

But, it brings to mind a verse I’ve been musing over for the past couple weeks.

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.” 1 Peter 5:6

At the right time.

Waiting. Ugh.

Not off the shelf. Not over the counter. In the stock room. To be picked up only.

At the right time.

I don’t know about you, but waiting is not my jam. I want what I want and I want it now. I live in an age of ordering ahead, scheduling online, shortcuts, multitasking, express lanes, remote starts, robocalls, pre-washed, voice-to-text, text-to-voice, autocorrect, prime shipping, digital download, instant access, prepackaged and ask Google, Alexa or Siri. Waiting feels like yesteryear and I certainly don’t have much practice.

But, that honor thing – it sounds mighty nice. Serve me up some honor and I can do without the rest.

But he says

“…humble yourselves”
“…under the mighty power of God”
“…and at the right time”
“…he will lift you up in honor.”

When? [Now.]
What? Humble myself.
How? Under the mighty power of God.

When? At the right time.
What? Honor.
How? He will lift me up.

I’ve searched high and low, “store” after “store,” “shelf” after “shelf.” Honor is nowhere to be found by my own attempts and devices. It’s not mine for the taking. But, it’s there. It’s in the stock room, waiting to be ordered. At the right time. And by the right person.

The path to honor is a one-lane road: humbling myself under God. 

The path to honor is humility.  It was the path of Jesus to the manger. It was the path of Jesus to the cross. And it’s my path as his follower.

Not a path of self-righteousness.
Not a path of arrogant piety.
Not a path of moral high ground.
Not a path of make a name for myself.
Not a path of self-control.
Not a path of fake it til you make it.
Not a path of try harder, do better.
Not a path of graceless performance.
Not a path of take no prisoners.
Not a path of look out for Numero Uno.
Not a path of last man standing.
Not a path of elitism.
Not a path of special.
Not a path of platform, power or pride.


Under the mighty hand of God.

Until the right time.

When He…and only He…lifts me up.

Honor in the stock room.

2 thoughts on “What Target Is Hiding in the Stock Room (It’s Not a Hatchimal)

  1. Spiritually one of your best. Such a wonderful time to write this–humbling ourselves before the only One who could ever give us real honor. Beautifully said, my friend. And all because of pretzel rods.

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