#PBCritiqueFest 2021 Has Landed

The #amwriting community, and specifically the #kidlit and PB community, fills the calendar with amazing contests, events, and opportunities. These are bright spots whether you’re just getting acquainted on the scene, deep in the querying trenches, or (I would imagine) well on your way along the publishing trail.

This month, along with reading Fall Writing Frenzy entries and crafting Halloweensie stories of 100 words or less, Brian Gehrlein (whose BOOK OF RULES releases soon!) brings us #PBCritiqueFest on his blog PBSpotlight.com.

Last year, I learned about this contest possibly on the last day, entered anyway, rapid-fired a bunch of entries, and won a critique with Susan Verde! This was exactly what I needed to move my PB writing forward, and I’m grateful to Brian, Susan, and all the other creators and participants who make #PBCritiqueFest possible. Industry critiques are gold for PB writers, and this year’s lineup is incredible. On the registration form, you have to select your dream pairing and then name your top three pairings from the lists of authors, illustrators/artists, and agents. Those choices are so near impossible, because the lists are packed with talent.

The other challenge (for me) was choosing which manuscript I want feedback on. There are a handful of PB authors on that list who would be perrrrrrrfect to critique one of my manuscripts. But then several more would be great for another. And . . . you get the point. So I just picked my most perfect dream pairing of manuscript and author and went for it.

And you should too! Don’t be intimidated by the registration form. It truly didn’t take me long. Jump into the fest, and you might just end up with a critique–even your dream critique!

Thanks again, Brian! And thanks to all the authors, artists/illustrators, and agents who participate. Your time is a gift to the writing community.

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