With a summer birthday, she’s about to learn about half-birthdays. At three-(and-a-half)-years old, it won’t make much sense to her, especially when her half birthday will parade by without presents or cake. But it seems as fine a time as any to blog the princess party we threw in her honor six months ago!

The centerpiece of this Momma’s parties is the cake. It drives the theme, it is a great creative outlet, and who doesn’t love cake!

There was no questioning what kind of cake my little princess wanted. She is all princess all.the.time. So, princesses, it was! The hardest choice was choosing a favorite princess to center the cake around. We narrowed it down to four.

Since we’d just moved into our apartment the week prior and decided to have the shindig at the park, there was the issue of transportation…

But all faired well aboard the pumpkin carriage…er…minivan.

We started with invitations far and wide across the kingdom.

Pinterest is always good for themed-party-food ideas and it did not disappoint. I like to add my own twists, like leaving the hot-dog buns in the wrapper 😉

With a sunny day and a wonderful playground, not much was needed in terms of party entertainent.

But in the end, what makes the little one happy is being with her besties!


Happy halfway-to-your-next Birthday to my daughter! I love that you still talk about the princess cake Mommy made you and the princess party we had with your friends.

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Party Fit for a Princess

  1. Does it get any better than princess cake and crowns? Nope. And you outdid yourself as usual–over the top fun treats and cake. Way to go, Fairy Godmother!

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