The Toddler at the End of This Blog

I sent mommy on an errand. Nothing too serious. Just a trail of crushed Chex leading to her bedroom where she’ll see I’ve “reorganized” her closet. That’ll keep her busy long enough for me to get some work done.

That’s right. Work. But, it didn’t start out as work.

Mommy was playing nicely with her toy kitchen. That kind of content, quiet play that doesn’t happen often. She was cleaning up the pretend breakfast she’d made me. The one I pretended to hate. (That’s a real crowd-pleaser. She goes nuts when I toss her “eggs” and “banana” and “bagel” on the floor. I play along, knowing it’s good for her development.)

With her happily occupied, this was my only shot at some “me” time. Self-care is a priority and I knew I needed something to stimulate my mind and bolster my creativity. I started off with some motor skill and discovery exercise. Opening and closing Mommy’s laptop about 100 times. That really gets the brain flow going.

What I really could’ve used was a cup o’ cow, but I knew better than to press my luck with liquids near the computer. It’s a big tantrum trigger for her and these days, I’m choosing my battles. 

I don’t get a lot of these opportunities, so I needed to be intentional with the time. I recalled a mom-approved site that had previously challenged my perspective on important buzz topics like curiosity and being told “no,” but as I tried to find it, I noticed something I’d never before seen. I knew this was my moment.

It was labeled “B-L-O-G” and from my first perusal, I’m guessing it stands for Bogus Literature OGrownups.

I explored a bit and realized I had a lot of work to do. The thing was a mess.

There were plenty of stories about me, all of them lacking accuracy and my side of the story.

There was also a fair amount of content completely unrelated to me, which was equally concerning. If I’ve told Mommy once, I’ve told her 1000 times, her job is to think about me 100% of the time. Her listening seems to be getting worse by the day.

Best I could tell, the idea of “B.L.O.G.” was to write about something. I have to say, I’m up for the challenge. It’ll be interesting, though, as I’m what they call a progressing-early-pre-emergent-writer. The whole thing is still a bit new to me. You can’t expect me to have learned everything in my first two years of life.

From where I stand, this job looks like it may take a while and I hear her coming now. Stick with me and be patient for the results. I’ll be back at this as soon as I can. Bedtime has been real drama around here lately, so I can’t count on getting work done after she is in bed. But, somehow, someway, you will see me again.

#bittyblogger signing off for now…


4 thoughts on “The Toddler at the End of This Blog

  1. SOOO cute! I love it! Hope she writes some more! 😉

  2. I’d love to know what bittyblogger is REALLY thinking. It’d be amazing to get into her head. You might have hit on who she really is.

    1. It’s going to be an adventure as she learns more and more to express what she is really thinking, now isn’t it. For now, I’ll just capatalize on the “might be” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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