Until Further Notice: #50PreciousWords 2022

Have you figured out yet that I love these contests? Thank you Vivian Kirkfield for hosting this one! It’s a huge encouragement to read all the talent that pours out on Vivian’s page. Writing a 50-word story is an incredible challenge. Every word counts, and 50 words happens fast. Good luck to all who enter!

Here’s my entry for 2022!

Amy Leskowski
50 words

Until further notice,
Mia does NOT eat oatmeal.
Or drink from green cups.
Or sit in chairs.

Until further notice,
Mia likes dinosaurs.
Only dinosaurs.
Actually, only THAT dinosaur.

Until further notice,
Mia does NOT touch carpet.
Or answer questions.
Or wear clothes.

Until further notice,
Mia is having Mia-time.

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